On monday 10th of January 2011 I was a guest of the DIYChurch team. I was supposed to play sounds using my tapes and answer some questions on my activities. It all came different. But first things first.

The radio show was part of a weekly series. Every Monday a guest musician is invited to the studio. So was I on a cold January evening. Luckily the ice and snow had gone, otherwise moving by bike in frozen Berlin in the dark is something close to harakiri.

The studio was in a street in my favourite area in Neukölln where a park, a cemetery, a water tower and cobbled streets send out signals of sunday afternoon leisureness. After sunset it is scarcely lit and a place for ghosts and shadows. But who cares if on the third floor the door to the rest of the world is wide open.

Schluchz who was supposed to provide the question marks was in Amsterdam. Host for the evening was Ludwig, who at the beginning of the show went to see if someone was at the door. We both believed the sound of the door bell didn’t come from my tape.

Then it starts. I tell about my visit to Guido Westerwelle, about my time as a child prisoner back in 1965 in the jungle of Cambodia, about blue bamboo, about a million Chinese phones with my ringtone.
These stories of true fiction also get countered by Ludwig who turned out to be an excellemt interviewer. Thanks to his curiosity and investigative method I talk about field recordings in a manifesto kind of way, about the attraction of entering unknown territories, about sounds from my childhood, even about digital natives. All this talking went on with a very nice layer of sounds underneath it.

During the show listeners expressed how much they enjoyed the interview. Reactions afterwards were euphoric. So if you want to drift off for a couple of hours, listen here.


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